Taylor Animal Hospital

When Vivian joined the staff at Taylor Animal Hospital about two years ago, I questioned the need of someone of Vivian’s skills in the surgery prep area.

Most of my surgery patients are puppies up to sixteen weeks of age. These pups have not had much exposure to strangers and suddenly are left at the hospital alone. Vivian takes the pup for walks, has a short playtime and introduces the puppy to most of the staff. The change in the attitude of these puppies is remarkable. They relax, start exploring and soon feel they own the hospital.

After surgery Vivian holds them as they awake from anesthesia; calm, warm, quiet and relaxed.

When the pup enters the hospital two weeks after surgery for suture removal, they feel happy and secure.

Vivian has been a very valuable asset to the Taylor Animal Hospital.

Charles S. Sackett, DVM

LS — Parkville, MO

I really have enjoyed the work Vivian has done with my pets. Her ability to “tune in” and discern what is needed for each animal is so helpful. My kitty Fiona had banished herself to the basement, after my husband’s death, and would not return upstairs. Vivian “talked” with her and worked with her energetically, until Fiona would allow me to pet her again. She has returned to her normal cuddly self. I refer all my students that have pets to Vivian and they have been very grateful for her animal care.

NG — Prairie Village, KS

I have known Vivian for about ten years through her work with cancer patients in the medical clinic in which I work. Her touch healing techniques have helped so many people and I know, personally, the benefits. I was excited when she told me she was taking additional training to work with animals, and I had an opportunity for her to work with two of my family’s cats in August, 2017. We had a 19 year old gray tabby, named Daisy who was used to being the only pet and even though very independent, she was quite possessive of our attentions. Our son made plans to move back to Kansas City and asked if we might board his 3 year old tortoiseshell cat while he got settled. I was skeptical about Daisy’s acceptance of a new cat so was reluctant about doing so; however, in the end Rita moved in with us. I talked with Vivian about this situation and she offered to make a home visit to meet Daisy and Rita. The cats had met and seemed respectful of each other’s territory. Vivian entered our home in a quiet, calm manner. We visited a bit and then I introduced her to Daisy. She spent time gently petting and talking to Daisy. Then we went to Rita’s room where she was hunkered down. Vivian sat across the room on the floor while Rita sat on the bed. She quietly talked to Rita but mostly sat in her presence and listened. Before leaving, Vivian shared the dialogue she had with the cats. Her calm and caring demeanor seemed to communicate to both cats that they were safe, cared for and respected. Any concerns I had about incorporating Rita into our family did not arise. I appreciated Vivian’s reinforcing our desire to welcome Rita and also to assure Daisy of our love for her. Vivian was also helpful to me in learning more about how communicating with animals is not a one-way street. I’ve learned to listen to them. This technique can be a great resource for animal issues. I highly recommend it.

KL — Kansas City, MO

I’ve called Vivian on several occasions to help me understand what is going on with pets I sit for who show behavioral or physical distress. She is a very insightful and caring animal communicator and healer. I’ve been very impressed with her keen perceptions of their issues on all levels as well as her knowledge of what each animal needs. Her dialogue is priceless!

SA — Olathe, KS

Vivian has such a gentle, patient way about her – Cookie warmed up to her immediately. The most impressive take-away we received was Vivian’s perception of our old patterns of thinking that Cookie was sick, that there was something wrong with her all the time. So we’ve changed those thoughts to seeing where and when she’s healthy and it’s changed our whole relationship with her. She’s a much happier pup! I’m grateful for her teachings.