In what situations would an animal benefit from Animal Communication and Energy Therapy?

Energy therapy and communication support animals with:

  • Injuries and Illnesses
  • Behavioral issues
  • Stress-Related Issues
  • Physical Trauma
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Surgery and Recovery
  • Competition Events
  • Euthanasia Support
  • Relocation
  • Additions to family
  • History of abandonment
  • History of neglect
  • History of abuse

What are the Benefits of Animal Communication and Energy Therapy?

Animal Communication and Energy Therapy techniques offer useful and practical strategies that can be applied simply and benefit both your pet and yourself. The stabilizing energy created in the session encourages the positive succession of the immune system which in turn supports the healing process and promotes well-being. It can be helpful in conjunction with standard veterinary practices and in most cases improvement is noticeable in a short period of time.

What happens during a session?

Sessions most often take place in your home although this is not required. We begin with an introduction and with someone present who is familiar with the issues and/or has a role in your pet’s care. As we discuss the situation, your pet will generally communicate relevant information to me. This will happen almost immediately. If Energy Therapy is recommended, your pet’s energy field is addressed directly, creating an energetic stability that becomes available to them. Their panic, fear or habitual reactions to painful or traumatic events begin to subside. Sometimes they may even go to sleep. In this state of deep relaxation energy treatment techniques will provide support for their immune system and/or emotional circuits which release the trauma and begin a healing process. Your pet will continue to communicate with me throughout the treatment. After the session, we talk about the experience and discuss ways to provide additional support, often suggested by your pet.

Example of Communication Session Notes

Each animal is unique and will share with you what it wants you to know about it.  With this example, I did not know that the owner has a Native American heritage.  This horse clearly shares a special understanding that was meaningful for her and a perspective that includes a love of life and nature.

Any question you have is a good question to ask.

Cherokee, Horse 

Questions for the session:  Is she ready to pass?  Have I missed anything regarding her current health?

“I am content.  I look out over the land at my life and I can see clearly to a great distance.  There is a breeze blowing.  I remember who I truly am and am proud of my place in the world, of being born wild. 

I feel peace when I look out over the land.

The energy is running slower in my body but my heart is just as big, just as strong.  It is who I am.  That sustains me. ‘R’ can be with me and we can both look over the land together and remember our times together.

My heart beats like a drum of honor.  The other horses know this is what I carry inside myself.  If you have a drum, you can find my rhythm when you are with me.  I will share it with you so you will always have it.

I’m grateful you cared about me.  That is what is most important.  I want to go naturally, to experience all of life.  I’ve always liked noticing everything with all my senses.

The drumming is like the pounding of hooves on the open ground.  It represents freedom.  It can change to slower (hoof) beats like how the land changes terrain.  It can be very slow and even stop from time to time, like we do when we are wild and free.

This is my gift to you so you will remember who I am.  When you feel like playing the drum, it’s because I am connecting with you and the specific tempo and rhythm will be my message to you, what you need to hear for your well-being; from my heart to yours.

I am free and clear.  I am at peace.  When the time comes, I would love you to be with me.  I don’t need any fixing.

Listen for me and our hearts can beat as one.”


Sessions are unique to each animal and utilize a combination of communication, energy therapy techniques, essential oils and/or vibration therapy as needed.

  • A remote communication session with your pet includes two consultations (one before the session and one afterwards), the session itself, Energy Therapy techniques, if requested by your animal, and session notes emailed to you.  Follow up questions or clarification and support as you move forward are also included – $150
  • In-person sessions include a house call, consultation, session and follow up call or visit.  Further questions or clarification and support as you move forward are also included – $150       
  • Additionally, a remote session may be necessary if we need more focus  – $100
  • Second animal in household – $125
  • Additional energy therapy only treatments – $100

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