Our Mission

"To educate our clients about the unique value of Communication and Energy Therapy and provide treatment that benefits animals in need and the people who care for them." - Vivian Kallmann

Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking and feeling? We like to come up with funny ideas about what is going on in their minds but sometimes it’s frustrating to figure out why your pet acts the way it does. Your pet is frustrated, too. It is valuable to remember that their behaviors give us clues about their needs and that they are hoping we will recognize and act upon them.

We all have a natural ability to communicate in various ways, including non-verbally, with all living things. I would like to show you new ways to identify what is driving your pet’s behavior.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is a silent, telepathic language that operates through deep intuition allowing us to tune in and dialogue with an animal. It’s different than, and in addition to, decoding an animal’s body language and behavior. It is an actual exchange of information in the form of words, mental images, feelings and more. During a session, an Animal Communicator listens and can ask questions and share the animal’s concerns and issues and ways that they may be resolved.

What is Energy Therapy for Animals?

Energy Therapy for Animals is designed to create a deep relaxation response which is primary to normal functioning of the body’s various systems. It generates benefits physiologically, emotionally and/or mentally.  Through the electromagnetic field that surrounds and is within all living things, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected. The techniques used during an Energy Therapy session release places in the energy field that have become stuck due to a variety of traumas.  These stuck places restrict optimal physical functioning or emotional well-being. The therapy techniques restore harmony and balance to the animal’s energy field refreshing its innate connections.

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About Vivian Kallmann

Vivian Kallmann facilitates empathy and a connection with optimum well-being for animals and their caregivers using her skill sets of non-verbal communication and energy therapy techniques.  She is a Certified Practitioner of Healing Touch for Animals technique and is on staff at Taylor Animal Hospital in Parkville, Missouri as their Energy Therapist focusing on surgery and hospital patients.  In addition to her work with animals, Vivian’s private practice of almost 15 years in the Kansas City area included a specialty working with veterans and cancer patients.  She will gladly give you references from her clients, both animal and human!

Vivian Kallmann - Animal Communicator in Kansas City
Vivian Kallmann - Animal Communicator in Kansas City

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